We start by brainstorming about your vision, preferences and ideas to further recognize how you wish to transform your home. The focus is on learning what is important to you. We will conceptualize the larger parts of the project first, and then creatively define the details as we go. Collaborative Interiors will present ideas while working with you and your preferred industry professionals to understand your choices and how they affect your space.

As we refine the details, you will understand how your space will flow and know what it will look like before completion. Special emphasis is placed on spatial interaction along with function and fit. Detailed drawings and specifications will be created to help implement the construction process. Collaborative interiors will work as part of a team with you, your builder and other specialty trades people to be sure all are working together to accomplish the same end result.

When itís time to move in, you will know where your belongings go and how to use the space. Even better, you will appreciate how it came to be the perfect design for you and your family to enjoy through the years.

Cabinetry and/or Design services available.

Collaborative Interiors specializes in kitchen and bath cabinetry as well as built-ins throughout the home. We are proud offer a range of pricing options of top-notch quality, purchased directly from local and national cabinet manufacturers.

If you are already working with a designer, we can be a specialized part of your team. Quite often working in partnership to supply the cabinetry with your designer, architect or contractor.

We enjoy collaborating with other professionals and specialty tradespeople. Each brings expertise to the table and working together allows us the freedom to bring you the most amazing solutions.


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